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Our R&D&I concept

At AZTECA we are convinced of the idea that progress is only possible through the R&D&I “formula”, which is currently present in a large number of conversations of many areas.

AZTECA puts this vision into practice by suggesting comprehensive actions, which value the R&D&I formulas that come from the different public entities, depending on our customers' aims and potentials.

R FOR RESEARCH: It’s the activity guided to the obtaining of new knowledge, and is therefore far from being a practical solution to a problem. It’s the first step, far away from the market, so it is mostly carried out at universities and research centres.

D FOR DEVELOPMENT: It’s the activity guided to the obtaining of a new solution for an existing problem by means of the research knowledge together with the existing techniques and capacities. We are still in a previous phase to market introduction; therefore the technical solving risks are high: expensive, low performance, refinishing needs...

I FOR INNOVATION: It’s the activity guided to the market introduction of a new product or process. It’s the result of adding value to the obtained solution when it comes to developing, or modifying the existing technologies in order to get something new and introduce it into the market.

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