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Our experiencie, added up to the the rigour of having the UNE 166002 certificate in R&D&I Management allow us to work with an efficient work methodology that offers great guarantees.

Exchange of impressions

With support on confidentiality and observation of your needs, we develop two documents: one about legal security and another with the minutes attesting the conversation, which will be the base for the creation of the customer's drawing.


Once we've checked the viability of the identified R&D&I project, and after signing the collaboration contract, begins the phase of preparation and processing of proposals, with changes in the activities depending on the agreed aims and conditions condiciones.


After the approval and the signing of the financing contract with the funding Administration, starts the development of the project. In other words, our support in the realisation and management during all the programmed years.


This phase is especially indicated to asses the projects and returns, specifically those relating to fiscal deductions. These results re-nurture the activities in order to plan the nextdiagnostic and strategic positioning phases.


There are two types: the first, which depends on the project's success, and the second, as endowment in order to cover the expenses of the pre-poject. The calculation depends on the figures of the project.  

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Corporate Report
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